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Rifle Paper Co. are a US stationery and gift company who produce a premium range of gift cards, notebooks, wrapping paper, phone cases and other related goods.  Based in Winter Park, Florida and founded by husband and wife team, Anna and Nathan Bond in 2009, Rifle Paper Co. has since grown into a worldwide brand on the strength of its timelessly whimsical designs, exceptional quality, hand crafted authenticity and its commitment to environmentally responsible production.

All of the Rifle Paper Co. products are illustrated by Anna Bond, who uses gouache as her primary medium.  All of the paper goods are printed in the US and assembled by hand in the Rifle Paper Co. studio to ensure that every product is inspected before packaging and shipping.  Rifle Paper Co. use FSC-certified paper stocks with recycled content, environmentally responsible printers, and select high quality materials that allow for products that are both well made and beautiful.

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Rifle Paper Co. presents the exclusive stationery and gift collection from Garance Dore, a French fashion, photographer and illustrator, perhaps best known for her blog,

Garance Dore is inspired to illustrate strong independent women who are feminine, minimal and beautiful.  Garance Dore’s work normally appears on the internet so this stationery collaboration with Rifle Paper Co. has given a tangibility to her work.


In 2010, a book editor and a graphic designer joined forces with one modest goal:  to render all of human experience in chart form.

They went on to amass no small renown (that is, a ton of renown) for their infographical treatments of the varieties of beer, the full array of culinary tools, a taxonomy of hip-hop, and dozens more mappings of cultural touchstones.

Now, with a small team of researchers, designers, and soldiers, Pop Chart Lab continues to assemble, sift, cull, and arrange massive amounts of cultural data into meaningful works of art and information.

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Klippan’s enduring success is based on combining the best of Swedish design with a profound knowledge of textiles and materials.  Klippan has a strong environmental ethic which allows them to trace the provenance of all the Lamb’s wool throws and blankets back to the individual New Zealand sheep farmers.

Established in 1879, Klippan, are a family run Swedish company who produce textiles and home wares.  In addition to throws and blankets, Klippan also produces cushion covers, table linens and kitchen accessories. Klippan only use natural fibres in their products, many being produced from eco wool, organic cotton or Oeko-Tex certified printed textiles.  Klippan’s designs are manufactured in their own textile mill in Latvia.

The result of this acute attention to design and detail is a portfolio of beautifully crafted, ethically sourced and manufactured products that are inspired by organic patterns and motifs from nature.

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The Swedish design duo, Lotta Glave & Bengt Lindberg formed their life partnership whilst studying Art & Illustration at the University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm. Bengt and Lotta are inspired by animals, nature and folklore themes.  Everything that comes from the fantastic imaginations of Bengt Lindberg and Lotta Glave is designed to make you smile.  The Bengt & Lotta collection includes ironwork and woodwork candlesticks, home accessories and jewellery.

Today, Bengt & Lotta’s designs have an enthusiastic and discerning following around the world, not least in the UK and Japan.  Klippan, Sweden sells and distributes Bengt & Lotta’s products.

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Rym Tounsi and Zied Youssef the founders of House of Rym blend the traditional with the modern, contemporary Scandinavian design with timeless Tunisian handcraft.

House of Rym work with several well known Swedish designers to bring together sustainable materials, intriguing aesthetics and ancient craft skills in their collection of porcelain, textile and olive wood products.  With many of the products being hand made or hand painted they have an intrinsic uniqueness to them.

The House of Rym designers are each inspired by Scandinavian nature and a common theme in all of their design work is a playfulness, warmth and curiosity.

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Pluto Produkter is a Swedish gift and home ware brand.  Hans Hallberg is the designer of the collections and is greatly inspired by Scandinavian nature.  The Pluto Produkter designs are as functional as they are intriguing and as striking as they are endearing.

Pluto Produkter are perhaps best known for their extensive range of the original Rotary Candle Holders but their collections includes Christmas decorations, door hangers, ceramics, bird feeders, napkin holders and textiles.  The Pluto Produkter collection is a combination of traditional thinking and bold, modern and playful design.

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Farg Form, was founded in 1996 by Anders Bylin in Orebro, Sweden.  Farg Form designs interior products with a distinct Scandinavian design aesthetic.  Farg Form produces four ranges, KIDS, MOZ, HOME and ERNST.

The KIDS collection is perhaps best known, for its iconic Moln Cloud pattern products. The designer behind the Moln pattern is one of Sweden’s most colourful designers, Gunila Axen.

Gunila Axén is one of Sweden’s most colourful designers and is the designer behind the concept called Moln. Gunila has had a diverse career as a designer and a professorship at the College of Arts.

Anna Berger is the designer behind the concept called Skummis. The fantasy animals have been sold for years under the brand name Skummis and has since 2011 moved in with Farg Form.

Karin Mannerstål is the desiger behind our new concept called Tiny, Monster, and Ruta. Karin is a graduate from Beckman’s School of Design in Sweden. Karin has a background as a graphic – and interior – designer.

Anders Bylin is the founder of Farg Form. He has also designed Farg Form’s range of animal figures, of which Lamm is one of them.



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