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Presenting Pabuku!

With Springtime comes new beginnings, and this Spring we are excited to be representing brand new card brand – Pabuku!

Pabuku was brought into creation by two lovely ladies with backgrounds in art and graphic design. Ulla and Ute develop the images for their cards by collecting and collaging together old illustrations creating a rich, imaginative and diverse story in a each image. Each card is then printed on a particular printer that allows stunning detail and quality in the reproduction of the old drawings – in fact we encourage you to get your magnifying glass out to see for yourself!













The card’s story is continued on the reverse side of the card where you will find another small illustration accompanied by a small epigram enhancing the illustration on the front and asking you to interact with the card, turning it over in your hand to link the sentence to the front illustration.

Self nicknamed ‘The Quirky Paperie’ their whimsical illustrations are full of wit, with a focus on inclusive love and breaking stereotypes, aligning with their motto that “normal is just an illusion”. Pabuku’s range of cards cater for all sorts of people in all kids of relationships, and each illustration is so rich with imagination that it leaves space of individual interpretation as well. There is so much to enjoy from a Pabuku card.


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